Sailing to Win "Bestselling Book"
International Author, competitive sailor and successful business strategist Brett Bowden shares over 3 decades of wisdom of what it takes to be successful. Brett shares not only his own experiences, but a collection of wisdom from world champions and sailing legends. Together with his passion for sailing and winning in all areas of life, Brett shows you just how to do it step by step.

By the time you have finished this book, learned the strategies and practiced the drills, you will be guaranteed of being on the podium more often than not and collect more than your fair share of silverware. If you’re serious about being successful then you MUST read this book.
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 V.I.P Membership Program
Learn Sailing Techniques and Strategies from Sailing Legends, Olympians, World and National Champions!

If you are serious about sailing to win, or even if you just want to learn more to enjoy your sailing, then this program is a MUST for you.
Championship Race Gloves
The SAILING TO WIN championship race gloves 

• Have an ergonomic grip which provides a firm and comfortable grasp

• Are made from flexible synthetic premium quality Amara leather to maintain suppleness and form after drying.

• The palm and fingers are reinforced with a double layer to provide complete wear protection. 

• The back of the gloves is Spandex fabric which helps to keep your hands cool

• The elasticated back of hand allows superior flexibility.

• Velcro fastened pull-on tab for ease of donning/removal.
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Sailor Championship Multi Tool
It can be life or death situation and have the potential to dis-mast or drive your boat ashore if you are not able to cut away sails and ropes in an emergency.

Our Sailing To Win sailors Multi-Tool has:

• A serrated blade to enable you to cut through Spectra or Dyneema 

• A shackle key for day to day or emergency use 

• A Marlin spike to assist with undoing tight knots.

Multiple tool manufactured in rugged Stainless Steel to guarantee durability in the harsh environment that you operate in.
Ignite Your Performance with the Sailing Energy Drink...
UpBrain IGNITE is Great tasting unlike those other green drinks that leave a nasty after taste in your mouth... 

We Guarantee YOU will love the AMAZING taste as well as the effects. 

Ignite acts directly on Boosting Your Brain Power assisting neurotransmitters and increasing multitasking performance
giving you increased Energy, Memory, Strength and Focus.

Just what you need when Sailing to give you the competive edge
Just what you need when Sailing to give you the competive edge.

For many years top sailing events such as the America's Cup, the Olympics and Volvo Ocean Race have made considerable use of GPS tracking. 

Now GPS tracking is available and affordable for all sailing events, and no longer just the preserve of elite championships.

TackTracker has been at the forefront of GPS tracking for sailing events since 2010, covering several thousand races from club events to major world championships and Olympic classes.

SailRacer leg by leg analysis, allows speeds, times, tacking angles and VMGs to be compared, helping sailors to understand their strengths and weakness around the racecourse, and learn from their competitors.
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