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Sailing Strategies from Beginner to Winner
International Author, competitive sailor and successful business strategist Brett Bowden shares over 3 decades of the learning of what it takes to be successful. Brett shares not only his own experiences but a collection of wisdom from world champions and sailing legends.

Together with his passion for sailing and winning in all areas of life, Brett shows you just how to do it step by step. 

By the time you have finished this book, learned the strategies and practised the drills, you will be guaranteed of being on the podium more often than not and collect more than your fair share of silverware.
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
Do you want to increase the likelihood of improving your position in the fleet? Do yourself a favour and get a copy of 'Sailing to Win' by our very own 
Brett Bowden.

I'm not one for sailing jargon and complicated explanations. Brett nails simplicity in his book and provides the everyday human 505 sailor (and other classes) simple explanations, tips and tricks to help you improve your sailing.
He interviews some of the best sailors in the world and gets their thoughts on success strategies. He also breaks down some complicated science into easily understandable concepts."

Sarah MK
Australian 505 Sailing Association
"My very good friend Brett Bowden has just released his new book Sailing to Win. For the experienced sailor, it will be a vital read, however, for the non-sailor it is a great read as well. Brett’s style of writing through an interview 
is just fantastic.
Brett has the world’s BEST sailors explaining what they do and how they do it. If you are any sort of sports fan and want to know how the worlds best operate... this is the book for you... A Must Read!!!!! ."

Ricky Pichut

"Dear Brett,
Thank you for writing a sailing book which is easy to understand, practical and makes perfect sense. 
When reading Sailing to win, it was just like you were talking to me, I learnt so many things.

I have read many sailing books which were a waste of time. Your book will be my permanent reference book. Look out fleet we are moving up in the results!"

Sue Cassidy
"Easy to read and full of information sure to inspire you to improve your sailing results"
  • ​Learn from Sailing legends, World champions and Olympians
  • Foreword by John Bertrand - the man who wrested the Americas cup from the Americans who held it for 132 years - said to be the longest winning streak in sporting history.
  • Relevant information for all types of racing sailors who sail all types of boats
  • If you are serious about winning, then read this book today
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • The little known secrets behind the science of Sailing
  • The psychology and mindset needed to win races
  • The key ways to banish frustration from your sailing
  • Critical ways to start, conduct and finish a race like a champion
  • How to get inside tactical knowledge at new venues
  • Essential Training drills to hone your skills to ensure your success
  • Championship race tactics and strategies that only top skippers know
  • The diet and hydration secrets of sailing champions
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