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Sailing To Win - Membership Site 

It Seems Incredible That You Can Become A Better Sailor In Record Time And Save $1000's Whilst Doing It.
From: Brett Bowden
Melbourne Australia 

We’re so excited to have a chance to serve you and help take your sailing to the next level.

I want to give you the best experience possible, so I was trying to think, “what could I do to help serve you the most?

After having been in the Sailing game for more years then I’m willing to admit here!! …the thing I thought of that I believe would be the most valuable and impactful for you is actually PRIVATE access to our international “Sailing to Win” Membership site.

This is NOT your normal membership site…

I have traveled the world sailing in events, interviewing the worlds best sailors, people that are industry giants and true legends, from our sport.

No matter what level of Sailor you are there’s something in here for everyone.

I’m constantly adding new material and resources, tips and tricks  so you are always up to date with the very latest things relating to sailing.

Videos and  Audio - (plus transcriptions for those of you that like to read) - from  My Top Sailing Experts

I show you what the TOP sailors are doing and carefully dissect what it takes to be at the top of the leader-board in their particular class. This alone saves you years of trying to figure it out for yourself.

I show you their strategy but more importantly, how YOU can implement this in to YOUR sailing.

Brett Bowden
Author of Sailing To Win
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You’ll
Receive when You Join the 
V.I.P “Sailing To Win” Site Today!
So here’s the deal.

When you join the Sailing To Win VIP Membership site today, you get amazing video and audio of interviews and transcriptions that will take your sailing to a whole new level.

For a short time a discounted offer of AUD $97 (normally $137) for Lifetime access with Videos, interviews and trainings added on a regular basis.

Seriously …It will feel like its your “Birthday Day” 

Speeds and Smarts Newsletters:
GIFT #1: The Exclusive Sailing To Win Polo Shirt
First up we want to you to have specially branded proffessional gear

that way you'll be the best dressed at your club!.

As soon as you join you'll be shipped out a professional branded "Sailing To Win" polo shirt.  

This will show others your a priviledge member of the exclusive sailing private members club.

No matter what your size we have got you covered. 

($65.00 Value)
GIFT #2: Professional Membership Card
Next is the Professional V.I.P Membership Card.

Your not going to believe just how valuable this innocent looking credit card size card is.

It packs a whopping punch when it comes to getting you untold exclusive privileges...This little card get's you DISCOUNTS on all sorts of items that sailors use all the time.

Just think about this for a moment, picture yourself going into your local chandlery to pick up some boating gear, flash your VIP card and SAVE, or you need to getting Boating Insurance...YES you guessed it another DISCOUNT!

We gather together some of the very best boating service providers to give you special privileges that you simply wont get anywhere else.

($750.00 Value)
GIFT #3: Sailing To Win Yachting Hat
Now know sailor should be without a hat....Right?

We agree with thats why we've included this...

You'll get an offical "Sailing To Win" high quailty embroyded branded hat, made from high quality materials.

Brushed heavy cotton with a structured 6-panel construction

Wear it with pride when your out sailing soaking up the sun.
($35.00 Value)
GIFT #4: Sailor Championship Multi Tool
This goes without saying every sailor should have one of these!

All Multi-tools Are Not Created Equal...

Whether it’s worn on your belt or kept on deck, a sailor’s Multi-Tool is an essential part of your racing kit.

Don’t believe me? Ask any crew that has been dis-masted during a race, tangled in ropes when they have capsized in a dinghy or have irretrievably wrapped a spinnaker around their rigging. 

It can be life or death situation and have the potential to dis-mast or drive your boat ashore if you are not able to cut away sails and ropes in an emergency.

Our Sailing To Win sailors Multi-Tool has:

• A serrated blade to enable you to cut through Spectra or Dyneema 

• A shackle key for day to day or emergency use 

• A Marlin spike to assist with undoing tight knots.

Multiple tool manufactured in rugged Stainless Steel to guarantee durability in the harsh environment that you operate in.
($49.00 Value)
GIFT #5: Sailing To Win Autographed Book
Now I'm going to personally sign a copy of my international bestselling book just for you.

This book is full of practical tricks and tips to help you to become a Winning Sailor, as a matter of fact I spent many years collecting information for this book plus more recently interviewing some of the sports high achievers to get their insight into what has enabled them to be as good as they are.

The foreword of the book is written by my good friend, John Bertrand who skippered Australia 2 to win the America’s Cup in 1983 and break the longest sporting winning streak in the history of all sports, wresting the Trophy from the USA for the first time.

I know you’re going to love it.!
($39.95 Value)
GIFT #6: Championship Race Gloves
I'm sure you know this already but gloves are a critical piece of gear for any racing sailor – whether it be for warmth, protection from friction burn or to help with grip, they have a place on board any size boat.

A great pair of gloves ensures that you are performing as well at the end of the day as you were when the start gun went. 

With today’s high tech control lines being of much smaller diameter, your hands need protection from damage plus when your hands are wet they are more susceptible to chafe.

The SAILING TO WIN championship race gloves 

• Have an ergonomic grip which provides a firm and comfortable grasp

• Are made from flexible synthetic premium quality Amara leather to maintain suppleness and form after drying.

• The palm and fingers are reinforced with a double layer to provide complete wear protection. 

• The back of the gloves is Spandex fabric which helps to keep your hands cool

• The elasticated back of hand allows superior flexibility.

• Velcro fastened pull-on tab for ease of donning/removal.
($69.00 Value)
 Access to a Private Members Only Group
What's the  good of a privileged  club without a Private Members Area?.

But this isn't like any other sailing members area...inside of it you will have access to a library of tools and training specifically designed to help build your skills and grow your sailing experience fast.

It starts with our private global community, where hundreds of other "Sailors" from around the world are sharing the amazing stories, tips and strategies that they are finding is working right now.

You literally have a full crew of professionals looking out for you, helping you achieve amazing results!

Being a part of our community is truly priceless
And That's Just A Partial List Of What You'll Get Inside...
As you can probably see by now, getting access to "Sailing to Win V.I.P Membership" is like having me as your personal "Secret Sailing weapon" AND having access to my contacts and entire research and development team building amazing tools and resources for YOU s you can have more success faster!

I have spend over $150,000 just to create this membership site, not to mention the countless flights and hours travelling all over the world to sailing regatta's to interview the worlds best sailors.

Yet today, you'll get it for only AUD $97 when you take this special short time only offer to become a lifetime member of the Sailing to Win V.I.P members site!
So, are you excited about our V.I.P membership yet?
If you are then NOW is the time to take action
Monthly Membership
Huge 83% Discount
*Normally $1,164 per year
Join Today for ONLY $197
For a Full Year!
Become a Charter member today & you'll  lock in that price forever...Saving you thousands of dollars 
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